CYPREMORT POINT — Two Teche Area saltwater fisherman returned to a spot far from here that has been good as gold to them as far as giving up good-sized “slot” redfish twice, the kind that win tournaments, most recently June 20.

Like they did May 23, Quentin Comeaux of Delcambre and Keith Delahoussaye of New Iberia rode in Comeaux’s 24-foot Hayne powered by a 300-h.p. Yamaha a week ago Saturday to the eastern shoreline of Four League Bay, which is southeast of the mouth of the Atchafalaya River. Specifically, they targeted a pond and it didn’t disappoint.

Comeaux, 36, and Delahoussaye finished first in a 19-boat field that fished the Southcentral Fishing Association’s third tournament of 2020 with their two best “slot” redfish (between 16 and 27 inches) weighing 16.65 pounds for $665 They also boasted the Calcutta-winning redfish, an 8.35-pounder worth 280

Based on the potential for the sweet spot to yield more redfish more than capable of winning the SFA’s fourth and final regular-season tournament on July 18, combined with the recent history of two wins, Comeaux, a production operator for Hilcorp Energy Co., and Delahoussaye might want to dub it “Golden Pond.”

“We’re on some good fish right now. They’re all healthy, nice fish. We fished the same spot for the last (first) tournament,” Comeaux said in an understatement about the area approximately two hours away from Quintana Canal Boat Landing.

There wasn’t another boat to be seen as they worked the pond with shrimp under a popping cork and, occasionally, spinnerbaits.

“I know we run a long way. A lot of guys don’t want to run that far,” Delahoussaye said.

They motor that far for a reason. They’ve been catching redfish in that area for years.

“I tell you, if the fish stay where they’re at, in that one spot, we’ll be tough in our next tournament also. Without any bad weather, I don’t see them moving. The bait’s in there. (But) the next tournament is a month away. We’ll have to go explore,” Delahoussaye said.

Three of the “slot” redfish they caught during the tournament weighed more than 8 pounds, he said, and for good measure they boated some 7-10s and 7-12s.

“This one pond is just loaded with good slot fish. That’s what you need, a pond that has good slot fish and that place did. We caught so many fish 27 ½, 28 inches. Fat. Everything you’re looking for but too long,” he said.

Delahoussaye caught the Calcutta-winning redfish early, soon after their arrival.

“That fish was very close to 27 inches. We kept it on ice all day. We brought three to the scale. He made it (under the 27-inch line). Like I say, you’ve got to be lucky. You’ve got to catch the perfect-sized fish,” he said.

Nearly 1 pound behind the winners was the team of Brad Bergeron, Chase Veillon and Ryan Andrepont, whose two redfish weighed 15.75 pounds for $380.

Keo Khamphilavong, Randy Migues and Craig Landry finished third with two redfish weighing 13.35 pounds worth $190. They won the second tournament of the year.

Fourth place went to defending AOY champion Erron Derouen and Mark Comeaux with 13.15 pounds for $152.

Gerrit “T-Blu” Landry, Tooky Lasseigne and Brady Derise finished fifth with 12 pounds worth $133.

Saturday’s winning weight might have been more impressive if nearly a dozen redfish didn’t break their lines.

“We had another good day with some good fish. (But) we broke off a bunch, probably between breaking off and coming off, probably 10 fish. They were in a foot, 15 inches of water at the deepest. Most of the time you could see them coming,” Comeaux said.

Delahoussaye, Comeaux’s SFA tournament partner, is alone in first place atop the standings with 578 points and has a fairly comfortable lead over the runners-up, Craig Landry, Migues and Khamphilavong, who have fished together all three tournaments and have 559 points each. Gerrit “T-Blu” Landry, Lasseigne and Derise are right behind the Khamphilavong team with 543 points apiece.

After Comeaux and Delahoussaye won the SFA opener on May 23, Comeaux missed the second tournament while on a family vacation at Grand Isle. He has 400 points.

Delahoussaye, 65, retired as a sergeant in 2014 after serving 31 years as an enforcement agent with the state Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. He is a savvy, veteran saltwater fisherman who knows just about all the hiding places for redfish and other highly sought-after species.

He also knows the title is within his reach. He’ll go for it with everything he has but realizes it won’t be easy to win AOY.

“It would mean a helluva lot, especially at my age. Those guys are tough, very good fishermen. Let me tell you, these guys (SFA members) that are fishing, every single one of them are good fishermen,” he said. “SFA’s tough, good competition. Those guys fish hard and they have knowledge. It’s a very competitive club, believe me.”

The next SFA tournament is July 18 out of Cypremort Point.

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