OVERTIME OUTDOORS:Mild-mannered trash talking on the winning boat

From left, Luke, Noah, Josh, Brandy and Ethan St. Germain share a laugh after the rodeo.

CYPREMORT POINT — A little good-natured trash talking among family and crew members goes a long way. Just ask the St. Germains.

There was some smack talk going on inside their 21-foot Mako, Quality Time, both days of the 60th annual Kay-Cee Saltwater Fishing Rodeo. It served to keep everybody on top of his or her game.

Some of it stemmed from the skipper’s better half.

“She hangs with the best of us. There was a lot of trash talking going on,” Josh St. Germain said, laughing, as he talked about his wife, Brandy, who contributed mightily to their ascent to a second straight Boat Captain’s Award.

“We just trash talk back,” Noah St. Germain, 14, said with a chuckle.

Noah, who emerged from the weekend as the Kids Division’s Best All-Around Fisherman, and his younger brothers, Luke, 12, and Ethan, 11, and their parents had the kind of weekend, especially the first day of the fishing rodeo, that anglers enjoy so much.

“She’s outnumbered, huh?” Josh asked, smiling, after trophies were doled out by the Kay-Cees on Sunday. “She’s a good co-captain, a good wife. Without her, not much of this would be possible. It takes a team. I look at it this way … the name of the boat says it all.”

Brandy stepped up during the celebration and said, smiling as she brought the trash talking to shore, “Let me tell you, Don, I caught the first keeper fish in the boat today. It’s the first-place flounder (.94 pounds). I had to show you (the rest of the family) how it’s done.”

“Once she showed us, I learned how to catch mine,” Noah said with a hearty laugh.

Josh and Brandy, who watched last year as the boys led the way by putting beaucoup fish on the leaderboard, delivered in the clutch and weighed fish that stayed on the leaderboard the second and last day.

“I told her, ‘That’s a little extra insurance points,’ ” Josh said.

Brandy also had a second-place drum at 31.0 pounds and Josh had a first-place drum at 32.5 pounds and a second-place flounder, which also was caught Sunday, at .63 pounds.

Noah won Best All-Around Fisherman with a first-place sheepshead (2.22 pounds), second-place drum (32.9 pounds) and third-place redfish (24.3 pounds) and croaker (.45 pounds). Luke St. Germain chipped in to the overall cause with a first-place redfish (33.2 pounds).

That’s what it took to defend the Boat Captain’s Award.

“We had a lot of good competition. It’s always nice to fish against the people we’re fishing against. It’s all good, friendly competition,” Josh said.

His wife said, “I’m excited. We worked hard. I’m proud of everybody.”

Noah said his parents enjoyed the two days immensely.

“They had a blast. They told us they could not have done it without us. They had lots of fun and we’re a good crew,” he said.

Noah tipped his cap to the boat’s skipper, his dad.

“He just knows some really good spots. You have to be in the right spot at the right time,” the teen said, for starters.

He obviously knows what it takes to win a title. He also was the Best All-Around Fisherman in the Junior Division of the Iberia Rod & Gun Club Saltwater Fishing Rodeo in 2015.

“You can’t stop (fishing) because if you stop halfway through the day you may not catch all the fish you need,” he said.

One of the key fish in his drive to the individual title, he said, was a 32.9-pound drum he caught Saturday morning. That drum was atop the leaderboard and finished second behind a 33-pound, 8-ounce drum weighed in Sunday afternoon by Matthew Latham, who fished with his grandfather, Charles Latham, on Lynn “The Bear” Hebert’s Bon Temps, a 21-foot Sea Hunt.

“He (Matthew) outfished us. He’s getting better and better,” Hebert said.

Kay-Cees on hand both days for the annual fundraiser included Wayne Hollier, who kept the written records of each fish that hit the scales, Joe East, Kelvin Gaspard, Bryan Boutte and James Boudreaux. Gerald Trahan helped man the headquarters on Sunday.

Four Boy Scouts from Troop 133 volunteered to help Kay-Cee fishing rodeo officials by carting fish to the scales and back to the boats that lined up along the bulkhead near the weigh-in site along Quintana Canal. They were Brock LeBlanc, Adam Perez, Marshall Moore and Pelton Peltier. Moore’s father, Tim Moore, and Peltier’s father, Blaine Peltier, were there as adult leaders from Troop 133.

Murphy Meyers, a candidate for Iberia Parish Sheriff, cooked a jambalaya and white beans and rice meal for the small crowd on Sunday.


DON SHOOPMAN is outdoors editor of The Daily Iberian.

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