CYPREMORT POINT — Fishing expertise. Being in the right place at the right time. Luck.

Whatever it, or a combination thereof, is, Keo Khamphilavong, Randy Migues and Craig Landry are hopeful their streak continues after winning the third Southcentral Fishing Association tournament of the year on May 25 out of Quintana Canal Boat Landing. They fished less than six hours on their way to a first-place finish in the 17-boat field with two “slot” redfish weighing 16.05 pounds for $595.

The win was the second in a row for the trio that fishes aboard Khamphilavong’s boat, a 22-foot Blazer Bay. On April 27, they topped a 25-boat field with 7.55 pounds in the only draw-the-high-end of the slot tournament of the year. Announced before the start that morning in April, the high end was 22 inches instead of the customary 27 inches.

Khamphilavong, 54, Migues, 63, and Landry, 58, had the right redfish then and the perfect redfish a week ago Saturday. They had quantity and quality in their latest outing. Their catch included the Calcutta winner, an 8.20-pounder worth $250.

“We’ve been fishing four years together and we haven’t caught a first place. All of a sudden we have two in a row,” Landry said.

“So far we’ve placed in every tournament, so we did good. Hopefully, we place in the next one and we’ll be in good shape,” Khamphilavong said about the race for Angler(s) of the Year.

“The redfish gods were shining down on us this time. We’re on a roll,” Migues said.

“Everybody’s got their turn. All these guys can fish,” he said, motioning to the post-weigh-in crowd of SFA anglers under the pavilion along Quintana Canal.

“We had a good day. The fish cooperated with us. We ended up bringing a limit in and we had the right fish. We threw back a lot of them — 26, 27 ½ inches — that we couldn’t use.”

He won’t get an argument from the rest of the competition. There were some great “slot” redfish taken to the weigh-in table manned by Gerrit “T-Blu” Landry of Patoutville and Charlie Oubre of New Iberia.

Erron Derouen and Marc Comeaux, both of Rynella, who won the first tournament of the year, finished second with two redfish weighing 15.35 pounds and won $340.

Third place went to Charles Oubre and Marc Patout, whose two redfish weighed 15.30 pounds for $170.

Also cashing in in the third tournament was the team of Quenton Comeaux and Keith Delahoussaye with two redfish tipping the electronic scale at 15.10 pounds for fourth place and $136.

Larry Comeaux and Brody Comeaux were fifth with 14.70 pounds worth $119.

The winning boat’s day started with a bang when a big redfish smashed a spinnerbait being retrieved by Landry.

Unfortunately, that redfish was measured 27 ¾ inches, three-quarter of an inch too long.

“My first cast. First cast of the day. First fish of the day. After that, it was all shrimp under a popping cork,” Landry said.

“I caught a 26 ¼ right after,” Khamphilavong said.

They hooked and boated redfish early and often.

“Yeah, we caught a lot of fish early in the morning. We got on one point … That’s where most of our fish were caught. We had maybe four fish before that,” Landry said.

Migues and Khamphilavong caught the two redfish that hit the scale, he said, adding, “When we’re fishing together, it doesn’t matter who catches the fish, especially in a tournament.”

Khamphilavong said, “We caught a tons of fish. We caught early. That was it. I think everybody caught early today.

“Like, around 10 o’clock, it was done. We picked around to see if we could catch a better fish and we caught some fish. (But) we had our tournament fish early. We turned loose some 7-pound fish.”

They did so well they came in early and had the boat on the trailer around noon, he said.

“It sure was nice to win, I tell you. I hope there’s more to come,” Khamphilavong said.

The fourth and final SFA tournament of the year is scheduled to be held June 22 out of Quintana Canal Boat Landing. Entry fee is $100 per boat.

Membership dues are $25 each year, $10 for anglers 15 years old and under. Those interested can call 380-0387.

All members are eligible to fish this year’s SFA Classic scheduled for July 20. Previously, only the four regular-season winners, plus the Top 25, after the four regular-season tournaments qualified the big event.

Non-Top 25 boat captains will put up a $100 entry fee just like a regular tournament. They won’t be eligible to win first-place money but will be able to collect on second- and third-place finishes.


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