Claudette Fremin emerged from the crowd to win the sixth week of the New Iberia Recreation Department Grid Quiz.

Fremin was one of 20 players who got 16  correct on the weekly picks and claimed the week as she was closest to the tiebreaker.

Others who had 16 picks correct were Perry Templeton, Pat Thibodeaux, David Boyd, Curt Fontenot, Beth Comeaux, Jacob Daly, Martha Antoine Barry Gudenrath, Steven Templeton, Jordan Landry, Ernie Moreaux, Natalie Brouwward, Steven Dayton Keith Arceneaux, Harry Lopez, Evan Hebert, Daryl Alford, David Perez and Noris Radar.

Overall, Fremin and Stoney Romero are tied with 89 correct, with Dana Viator, Aubrey Derouen, Antoine, Templeton, Tim Hoppauir, Arceneaux, and Lopez one game back with 88 correct.

So far this year, 120 players played last week and 125 have played at least one week.

Week 5

Mark Pharr won the fifth week of the Grid Quiz with 17 correct out of 20 games.

Travis Martin was second with 16 correct while Chad Romero was third with 15 correct and Karen Boyd, Steve Fremin, Martha Antoine and Gina Hebert were tied for fourth with 4 correct.

Week 4

Barry Gudenrath won the fourth week of the Grid Quiz with a perfect 20 out of 20 and won on the tiebreaker because both Darryl Alford and Ken Boudreaux also picked a perfect 20 correct as well.

David Boyd, Keith Arceneaux, Steven Dayton, Scott Decuir, Jordan Landry, Pat Dayton, Angela Landry, Cliff Ellender, Matt Roy, James Roy, Perry Templeton and Curt Fontenot all had 19 correct to be tied for fourth place.

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