This past weekedn, the talk across the state and a good part of the nation was the matchup of quarterbacks as LSU’s Joe Burrow and Texas’ Sam Ehlinger combined to throw for almost 900 yards in the Tigers win over the Longhorns.

Friday night’s high school game between Erath and Loreauville may not produce those types of offensive numbers, but the two quarterbacks who lead the teams — Loreauville’s Zy Alexander and Erath’s Luke LeBlanc — feature to be a big part of the contest.

Both quarterbacks are being recruited for the college ranks and both quarterbacks have the ability to chuck the ball around enough to put up some impressive numbers in a game that has the potential to become an offensive shooutout, ala Texas and LSU.

“He can do it all,” said LeB lanc about Alexander. “He has a lot of respect from me and the team with what he has been able to do.”

Even though the LHS quarterback missed his junior season due to an injury, just the fact that he’s returned and is leading the LHS offense again, says a lot to LeBlanc.

“Absolutely,” the EHS senior quarterback said. “I knew he was talented before the injury and you can appreciate someone coming back from injury.

“He’s big time.”

LeBlanc said that he knew of Alexander and what he could do from attending quarterback camps with the Loreauville star.

“I really don’t know him but I saw what he could do at the camps we were both at,” LeBlanc said.

And while everyone knows that the game is more about the team and how the team performs Friday night, LeBlanc said it will be nice to go against a talented quarterback like Alexander.

“I know he’s a gunslinger and I watch him all the time,” LeBlanc said. “It will be nice to see how we do against each other.”

On the other side of the field will be Alexander, who had his first significant action last week in the Tigers’ win over Central Catholic since being injured in the first game last season when he was a junior.

“Last week was good,” said the Loreauville quarterback. “The first half of the game I played quarterback and the second half of the game I lined up as a receiver and they double-teamed my which opened up the run game and allowed our other receivers to have good games.”

The Loreauville QB has been ready to come back to the game since recovering from his injury.

“I’ve been working hard to get back,” Alexander said. “It’s agreat feeling to get back out there and be with my teammates, who are also working hard

Alexander is looking forward to going against he noted counterpart.

“Luke is a great guy,” Alexader said. “I watched him on film and he can really throw it.

“I heard that he broke some records at Erath so it should be a good competition between him and I.”

Neither quarterback is treating the game as a personal competition between the two.

“I’m just going to play my game,” Alexander said. “We’ve got two different styles.

“He’s more of a pocket passer and I’m more of a guy who can run and throw the ball.”

But even Alexander admits that this game could turn into a shootout where it going to come down to quarterback play.

“Like I keep saying, Luke is a very accurate quarterback on the short pass and the deep passes, it should be a great competition between him and I.”

Quarterback battles aside, the game is going to be very important in one other aspect — power rankings.

Both Erath coach Eric LeBlanc and Loreauville coach Terry Marin said that this game is going to be a big boost whoever wins.

Both coaches feel that the other team is going to win six, seven, eight games this year and a win over a team like that could be the difference between playing host to a first round game and going on the road in the opening round of the playoffs.

But while the team battle is important, the focus is almost naturally going to be on two quarterbacks, each of whom should be playing college football somewhere next year.

The quarterback with the better night is going to see his team pick up a win. 


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