Catholic High School senior Marco Austin was happy with his performance last week in his team’s season opener against Vermilion Catholic, but this week he was concentrating on this week’s home-opener against Breaux Bridge.

At that point, anway.

Word came down Wednesday that Breaux Bridge was hit with a positive COVID test.

The result, according to LHSAA rules in effect this year, is that CHS wins the game 2-0 by forfeit and the Panthers improve to 2-0 on the season. CHS will now prepare to hit the road next week to play St. Paul’s in Covington.

“I talked to their coach this week and they are rocking and rolling and ready to go,” CHS coach Scott Wattigny said. “Everything is up and running over there.

“It’s disappointing that our seniors lost a game and we lost a home game this year because of the forfeit but those are the rules this year and we just go by them. The good thing is that it gives us an extra couple of days to prepare for a good (Class) 5A school in St. Paul’s.”

Despite the bad news of the canceled game this week, it still doesn’t take away from what Austin did in rushing for 168 yards against Vermilion Catholic in the Panthers’ 21-6 win.

“Nothing really changed with the offense,” Austin said as he was preparing for the Beaux Bridge game. “I wasn’t going to be featured any more or less than what we did last week.

“I know what I was capable of doing but it was always a team effort. But someone had to put their foot down and make a spark.”

During the VC game, Austin said it never dawned on him that he was having the impact that he was having against the Eagles.

“I was just having fun out there,” he said. “I didn’t even realize at the end of the game that I had done what I did on the field.”

What Austin was doing was feeding off the energy of the team and the game.

“I was feeling a little in the zone,” he said. “We were down at first but when I had the first big breakaway run, the team started feeling better and I was feeling it as well.

“Even when we were down, as a team we knew what we had to do. And when we scored that first touchdown to tie the game, we knew that we had to finish the game.”

In the offseason, Austin said that his goal was to rush for 1,000 yards this year. After one game, he’s almost one-fifth of the way there and now opponents know what he is capable of doing on the field.

It’s not something that bothers Austin.

“If I get it, I get it,” he said. “If teams concentrate on me, they concentrate on me. I’m just worried about winning the game with my teammates.”

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