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Every wedding is unique and distinct — just like every bride and groom. The Daily Iberian is now offering couples expanded options for sharing the news of their wedding. Packages include custom descriptions as well as sizes and number of pictures. The form below is provided for anyone unsure how to write their own editorial which will be compiled by The Daily Iberian staff in our standard form. If you choose to write your own version, simply paste into the space provided. Custom bridal narratives will be subject to editorial discretion. As long as the copy and photos fit within a specified space, the wedding party celebration will give readers a bird’s-eye view of the festivities. Preset package prices are below the form.

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY — Announcements for 50 or more years of marriage in increments of five years will continue to be published as a courtesy. Submissions are not subject to approval and follow a standard form. Any variations can choose one of the package options as indicated for anniversaries less than 50 years. Please use the form for 49 years or less if costuming your announcement.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS NOON FRIDAY one week prior to requested Sunday of publication. Layout must be approved via email or in office before Wednesday at noon.

To answer any of your questions, email Delores.Houston@daily-iberian.com or call (337) 321-6744 or Delilah.Allen@daily-iberian.com or (337) 321-6745.

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Upload only the number of photos required for your package
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