Touring with the Backstreet Boys

Select dancers from Paige’s Dance & Cheer Studio in New Iberia video taped a routine at the Cajundome Nov. 7 to help promote the Backstreet Boys Sept. 3, 2019, concert at the Cajundome. 

They won’t meet the famous singing group until Sept. 3, 2019, but students at Paige’s Dance & Cheer Studio in New Iberia will be on the road with the Backstreet Boys promoting the DNA Tour thanks to a video released Friday on Facebook. Invited by a friend of Paige Snay, choregrapher, instructor and owner of the studio, the Select Dancers Competition Team performed a custom routine shot Nov. 7 at the Cajundome. Girls from 8 to 17 years of age, via the video, will be on tour until the band appears at the Cajundome in Lafayette. The dancers were previously seen by one of the employees at the Cajundome who called and invited them to create the routine. The song is “Everybody,” said Ginger Maturin, mother of Abigail Maturin, 15, one of the dancers in the group. To get a preview of things to come, visit the website or catch it on Facebook. Maturin said the clip is being shared all over.

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