Growing up in the New Orleans area, chef Amy Sins has always had a love for cooking, and her earliest memories in the kitchen involved stirring a pot of roux with her father before the two sat at the table with her mom and sisters to eat gumbo.

The owner and chef at Langlois Culinary Crossroads, Sins is living a dream she has always had.

Have you always wanted to be a chef?

I always wanted to cook and spend my life around food but I didn’t know how to do that. As a kid, my parents would have dinner parties and we had to help set up and then we had to go to bed while the grown-up had a party.

Then I would go sneak around the corner in my jammies and be like, oh my God, when I grow up I want to have dinner parties, that look like so much fun. And that's kind of what I do now.

How do you do that now?

I never wanted to be the chef in the back of the kitchen that never got to spend it with the people. I’m really lucky that the way I cook and the way that my business is set up, I get to interact with people that are like at my family table. It’s a different type of chef work and it gets me to where I want to be and that sharing food with people.

What is your favorite thing to cook?

Honestly, my favorite thing to cook is Vietnamese and Indian because the flavors are so bright and different. I also am a sucker for other people who cook for me. So many times people think that chefs want to cook but chefs just want to kick back, relax and let other people cook for them. Anybody who makes a red gravy, an Italian-style sauce, that is my favorite.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not cooking?

I love to travel. Right now with COVID, my style is a little cramped but my favorite thing to do is meet people and learn about their local cuisine and culture. I found there are two ways to make that happen and that is to go to a local grocery store in a town or a beauty salon and you can get all the answers of local food and the connections of that town in about 10 minutes.

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