Children learn by example — and sometimes, they lead by example. Twelve-year-old Miracle Latigue recognized the bullying she experienced last school year was not about her — something was wrong with her classmate to make them so angry. Instead of a negative reaction, she did something positive and realized she had a lot more to say about, and to, the bully.

How long have you had the name Miracle?

Ever since I was born. I was a miracle baby. My momma wasn’t suppose to be able to have any more children. The doctor was amazed and said if I was born, it would be a miracle.

How did this ‘Let Love Shine’ campaign get started?

We realized how many children were being bullied including me. Last year was my first year at Caneview Elementary. I had been going to Assembly Christian. I think I was being bullied because there was something going on at home, and they were taking it out on other children when they went to school. Partly because I was new, and I don’t think they were getting much love at home.

Did your mother tell you that or did you figure it out yourself?

I figured it out myself. And I heard one of them say that their mother didn’t care about them, but that wasn’t true, cause she did. I don’t like to see people being hurt like that, and also because their parents aren’t talking to them and asking what’s going on.

Do you think the parents know their children are bullying or are they unaware?

I think they know because the school/teacher calls home, but I don’t think (parents) pay attention to that. My momma wanted to go up to the school or call and I told her the best thing to do was not to do that. Instead, I thought all they need is love and respect, the one who was bullying me. I wanted to give them something, a Bible, a journal and some candies in a cute basket. But my momma said she wasn’t sure since it was a public school. She went behind my back and called the school. She was afraid I’d get in trouble. She was trying to talk me out of it. Finally, it was about 1 o’clock in the morning and I said, “I’m going to bed.” Then I had a dream about it. All I had to do was tell the teacher who the gift was for. I thought that was really weird. So when I went to school, just like in my dream, I was walking up to her and told (the teacher) who the gift was for. She couldn’t believe it and she said to take it to her office. By myself? She doesn’t usually do that. Then after giving it, the one that was the bully started being nice. Even one of the boys that had been bullied became their friend. At the end of the school year, (the bully) told me thank you and gave me a hug.

Mom, what did you do through all this?

I knew she said the Lord told her to do this in a dream, and that she was going to look for the assistant principal, but I was worried she would get in trouble. I called the principal who said we can’t force religion on anybody. I told her we understood, but that I stayed up late trying to talk her out of it, but it was something she wanted to do in private, through someone in the office. She asked if Miracle was ready if the person didn’t accept the gift. She believed because the Lord showed her in a dream the person would accept it. After school, I asked how it went and that I had called the school. She said, “Momma you didn’t trust me when I told you what my dream said?

Miracle, what gave you that confidence?

The scripture Proverbs 15:1, “A kind word turns away wrath,” wrath is anger, “but a cruel word stirs up anger.”

How did you get connected with Sign Gypsies-Queen City?

I was doing the posters, and mom said we could get with Sign Gypsies because they did a sign for my sister’s birthday. We went over a lot of stuff and had to shorten the title. We kept the message, but shortened it to kids terms. Now a days, they like to read emojis. So the best thing was a heart for love. They don’t even write the word love anymore. And the stars — Shine bright against bullying. I like the way we changed it.

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