The Westgate 4-H meeting was called to order at 2:58 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 11, by our WHS President, Ryder Romero.

The Pledge was led by Joshua Allen, WHS Secretary. The 4-H Pledge was led by Romero.

The Iberia 4H Carved pumpkin contest was announced by our 4-H Agent, Mr. Maddox. The finished pumpkin picture must be sent to by Sunday, Oct. 31, at midnight.

Last week was 4-H Week and WHS celebrated by making announcements every morning. Adam Bates our Treasurer and Kaylen Daniels our Vice President did the 4-H pledge on the intercom every day except Friday. Our Principal, Ms. Neely Moore, did our 4-H pledge on Friday. She was an active member of 4-H and also a Junior Leader.

Daniels was honored for attending the 4-H University program over the summer. She went for Child Development and told her peers about how she competed by taking tests on the subject at the state level.

Other Iberia winners were mentioned. One person will be going to Orlando, Disney World, because she won with her 4-H Record Book.

Mr. Maddox mentioned the Broiler project. You need a space for about 15 birds. Romero spoke about his personal experience with the project when he was in middle school and how the birds do go through an ugly phase.

The Junior Leader meeting will be held on the 20th at 114 Camp Knighton Road, which on the left after you drive by Caribbean Ice on the Loreauville Road.

Daniels spoke on the topic of our Iberia 4-H Shooting Sports Program. Competitions include those in the Parish, Region and State. Archery has different types of bow contests. You get mentors so you can learn how to shoot. Ms. Vincent our 4H Agent spoke about one of our Iberia 4-Her's who won at the National Level. The Sugarena is the location for the Archery practice.

The program, hands-on, was all about about Electricity. Allen spoke about the movement of electrons. They have a negative charge and orbit around the nucleus. Ms. Vincent handed out balloons and a tissue. We blew up our balloons and rubbed them over our head causing them to be attracted to the tissue. We could actually lift up the tissue with the balloon because the balloon is highly negative now and is attracted to the highly positive protons on the tissue. Also, two balloons that are highly negative will repel each.

Noah Jenkins our Community Service chair helped raise a motion to donate $100 to the animal shelter. The motion was made by Romero and seconded by Daniels.

The meeting was moved to adjourn by Ryder and seconded by Daniels at 3:30 p.m.

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