Local faithful gathered Thursday to celebrate and pray for National Day of Prayer. The Community Prayer Service was held at 11:30 a.m. on the corner of Iberia and Washington Streets in New Iberia. Rev. Zack Mitchell, president of the Iberia Christian Ministerial Federation, welcomed a crowd of about 75 participants. Local pastors led the crowd in songs and prayers. 

Featured speakers included Mark Lewis, who offered a prayer for repentance. James Broussard said prayers for the government. Kevin Rowe gave a prayer for the military; Darren Sophus, business; Joseph Garrett, arts and entertainment. Mitchell prayed for the media; David Denton offered his prayers for education. John Mark Stevens asked for blessings on families; Wilfred Johnson, children; Kenny Wright, the church. Kenneth Leleux led the crowd in prayers for New Iberia, and Calvin Armstead honored all personal intentions.

The National Day of Prayer is celebrated on the first Thursday of May each year. This year’s theme was “Lord pour out your love, life and liberty.”


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