Thomas Brent Nora, 201 Michelle Lane, to Angela Davis, 201 Michelle Lane

Patrick Michael Darby, 1524 Walnut St., to Sheri Ann Arcemont, 1524 Walnut St.

Randy Javon Fusilier, 213 Bank Ave., to Crystal Chatan Evans, 213 Bank Ave.

Dustin Jaymes Freyou, 506 Chet St., to Stacy Lynn Lanza, 506 Chet St.

Barry James Rouchon Jr, 2105 Chatsworth Road, Franklin, to Shatika Vernette Johnson, 9465 Clearwood Drive, Houston, TX

Johnny Bergeron Jr., 1015 Van Brocklin Road, to Darlena Kay Mouton, 1015 Van Brocklin Road

Harold Edward Boudreaux Jr., 412 Row One, Lafayette, to Lindsey Claire Bertrand, 412 Row One, Lafayette

Troy Edward Spell, 5005 Stein Road, to Julie Ann Stein, 5005 Stein Road

Willie Joseph Mouton III, 1004 Maude Ave., Abbeville, to Sandeé Bre’asia White, 1004 Maude Ave., Abbeville

Zack Thibodeaux, 1004 Reams Blvd., St. Martinville, to Andrea Melissa Soriano, 1004Reams Blvd., St. Martinville

Tedmund Daniel Habetz, 7500 Danielle Road, to Patricia Sue Fournet, 7500 Danielle Road

Trevor William Brown, 412 Fontelieu Drive, to Frances Elizabeth Sweat, 412 Fontelieu Drive

Tyler Martin Pontiff, 5319 E. Old Spanish Trail, Jeanerette, to Madeline Elizabbeth Weber, 19036 Hwy 182 West, Jeanerette

Reginald Charles Marks, 507 Daspit Road, to Antoinette Michelle Joseph, 507 Daspit Road

Bobby Edward Wallace II, 2512 Palmland Blvd., to Nicole Jane Viator, 2512 Palmland Blvd.

Mario Rogelio Lopez Lopez, 3005 Roderick St., Morgan City, to Jamie Rose Bouy, 3005 Roderick St., Morgan City

Dashaunte James Calligan, 104 Field St., to Christian Trania Kel Aubreonne Gilliam, 126 Monterey St.

Billy Ray Darby, 702 Putnam St., Abbeville, to Deanna Faye Broussard, 702 Putnam St., Abbeville

Douglas Antonio Espana, PO Box 795, Lydia, to Rayette Jean Carline, PO Box 795, Lydia

Kevin Ray Hypolite, 104 Dogwood Lane, Sherwood, AK, to Veronica Rochelle Williams, 104 Dogwood Lane, Sherwood, AK

Aubry Michael Wiley, 30661 Schwing Road, to Laci Andree Miguez, 7303 Hwy 14

Juliah Danielle Toney, 206 Virginia St., Jeanerette, to Penni Lyn Kunh, 206 Virginia St., Jeanerette

Andy Paul Romero, 1113-A Tupelo St., to Brandi Marie Boullion, 1113-A Tupelo St.

Ryan Thomas Dugas, 8116 Chastant Road, to Keisha Renee Suire, 8116 Chastant Road

Randal Tatford, 1601 Lakeside Drive, to Anne Renee Libro Deare, 1601 Lakeside Drive

Zachary Joseph Suit, 909 Prioux St., to Melinda Claire Green, 909 Prioux St.

Quintrell Jamrc Thodile, 15005 Dehart Drive, to Brionne Terria Nicole Doucet, 1505 Dehart Drive

Rickey B. Borres Jr., 6711 Fremin Road, to Amy Lynn Schouest, 6711 Fremin Road

Aaron Bradly Leger, 105 Monterey St., to Holly Renee Delahoussaye, 1000 Trotter St.

Steven Paul Detiveaux Jr., 211 Liz Drive, St. Martinville, to Valerie Lynne Parker, 211 Liz Drive, St. Martinville

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