E’Lon Marcel Clark, 530 S. Patout St., to Autumn Marie Jackson, 530 S. Patout St.

Dontrial Germaine Mayo Sr., 2665 Favor Road, Marietta, GA, to Shalacy Sharell Spencer, 2665 Favor Road, Marietta, GA.

Ryan Ellis Viator, 104 Westwood Drive, Lafayette, to Ashley Elizabeth Romero, 104 Westwood Drive, Lafayette.

Todd Thomas Jumonville, 2144 Georgia St., Jeanerette, to Stormy Dawn Cherry, 2109 Georgia St., Jeanerette.

Aaron Freddie McZeal, 619 Linden Lewis Road, Youngsville, to Ladasha Monique Lofton, 208 Albert St.

Aaron Naquin, 108 Cane Creek Drive, Broussard, to Janelle Christine Lazarus, 108 Cane Creek Drive, Broussard.

Charles Gregory Allen Jr., 3302 Irving Ransonet Road, to Lynzie Lee Landry, 3302 Irvin Ransonet Road.

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