Local author to hold book signing Saturday in Franklin

FRANKLIN — On Saturday, author Gregory Haydel will hold a book signing for his first book, “No Phones in Heaven,” at The French Door, located at 608 Main St. in Franklin.

Haydell’s love for storytelling has driven him to write stories with a bigger meaning.

The Franklin native said he is excited to meet everyone who follows his writing.

What can we expect Saturday?

We are having a book signing for my first book, “No Phones in Heaven,” which was published in October. We are going to have books available in hardcopy and paperback. It’s going

to be happening between noon and 2 p.m. I’ll be signing books there and taking pictures with anyone who wants.

What’s “No Phones in Heaven” about?

The book has two parts. The first part is very compelling. It’s about a girl

from South Louisiana who is about to celebrate her seventh birthday. Events happen that lead people to believe in miracles. The second story is about a man from Texas who lost his wife to cancer and he’s heading toward retirement. He meets a woman and after a short period of time, the man sacrifices his life multiple times throughout the course of his story. His name is Trent. He said Jesus came to him and talked to him. He said he’s not ready to go but Jesus tells him it’s his time to go. The same thing happens like the first story. And after a conversation, his family too believes in miracles. That’s why I wrote it. It’s something I think abouta lot.

What’s the basis of the story?

If you believe in miracles and have enough faith and love and you live a righteous life, then there is an eternal life, there is a righteous life. There is Heaven and basically that’s what the story tries to translate to everyone.

Why the two different perspectives?

I try to give a child’s view of it and a grownup’s view of it.

What is your message?

Have good morals, be good to each other and when you pass you will have eternal life, and there is a judgment day, and that’s what I was trying to convey through the two stories.

Anything else?

The way the world is now, I see that in this world, even though there are a lot of religious people, a lot of good people, I see a lot of people that are giving up hope on the right thing to do, to be kind. You see all these shootings and all the evil things going on in the world. I am trying to say there is a balance and if we don’t be careful the balance is going to be upset and there

going to be more evil than good. And that’s what I want, I’m trying to give people the hope to keep believing in the right thing and good things will happen to you and you will be blessed. Don’t stop doing good things. It’s what we should all do, really. That’s what I want.

Why did you decide to write a story like this?

I said to myself what if I only had a minute or two to talk to them and tell them how I felt. People always wish they had that couple extra minutes. The idea of the novel is if you can talk to someone from Heaven, then hey, you don’t have to do bad things, you can do good things if you try hard enough.

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