What could be more exciting for a coach, G.P. Bourg, on Father’s Day than to see his daughter joining a favorite football team — even if it’s on the operations squad rather than the on-field New Orleans Saints roster.

The journey that led to Megan Bourg’s job as operations associate is inspirational as another class of graduates heads off to college later this summer. The maturity she exhibits is surely one of the reasons for the recognition. Sitting with her recently hearing the story in person made it clear — her education was not all of her character building. The pride her mother, Dr. Angela Langlinais-Bourg exuded as an introduction to this story was matched by the respect she carries for her parents and the upbringing that prepared her for success.

“I graduated from Catholic High School in 2014, where I was a cheerleader and varsity soccer player,” Megan Bourg said in an introductory email prior to her interview with The Daily Iberian. “When deciding where to go to college, I looked for a Catholic university that was close enough to home that I could visit New Iberia often, but still far enough away to feel like I was really having a unique college experience.”

She decided on Loyola University New Orleans and majored in management and marketing. While there she became heavily involved in various students groups, including president of the Panhellenic Association, Orientation Leader for three years, director of programming for the Student Government Association and a proud member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority.

“During my senior year, I thought about what was next, and decided that I wanted to get my Masters of Business Administration to get a more advanced education in business and learn even more about what I could bring to a company I worked for,” Bourg said. “Luckily, I was accepted to Loyola’s MBA program and started their one year program in August 2018.”

During the summer of 2018, Bourg started looking for work opportunities in the sports field and stumbled upon a job posting for a Game Day Operations Intern position with the New Orleans Saints.

“I have wanted to work in the sports industry for a while now, and have been drawn to the community and unity aspect that a team has with its city, much like that of the New Orleans Saints,” she said. “When I found out I got the intern position, I was ecstatic, and I didn’t even fully know what kind of experience I was in for.”

Some intern positions are a voluntary unpaid position, a tradeoff for experience. The Saints intern was a paid job, but an entry level opportunity.

“I really didn’t know it was a paid position when I applied for it, I just knew it would be good experience. Over the past year as an intern, I have been at every Saints home game hours before kickoff with my fellow interns to set up and get things ready for Saints fans on game day,” Bourg said.

One of her responsibilities included putting out the 70,000 towels on seats in the Superdome, thankfully with volunteer groups. Because the facility is used for different events, the Saints’ presence for games means placing signage around the dome and hanging banners around the field. During the game, they were tasked with field security and making sure that people that were on the field had the proper credentials — while also having the opportunity to watch Saints games from the field.

“It was an amazing experience, one that not only brought me some amazing new friendships and connections, but also a small, exciting glimpse into the professional sports industry,” Bourg said. “My dad, G.P. Bourg, does the middle school coaching at Catholic High, and I was always seeing a lot from the persective of an athelete myself or from his coaching.”

A few months ago she was contacted by her supervisor about her future plans. Bourg let it be known if there was any opportunity for to work again for the team, she would love to be considered.

“Thankfully, the Operations Associate position was posted and I immediately applied,” she said. “After some interviews, I was selected for the job. Now I will be taking on a more managerial role in the Operations department and providing support to my bosses. I’m very excited for this upcoming year in the position, and can’t wait to see where it takes me.”

Preparation and Hard Work

Bourg didn’t just happen to be at the right place at the right time. She earned a second look from the leadership team. When asked if she would be interested in another internship, Bourg spoke up with the understanding she would be finished with school and it was clear she needed to consider job options for the future. With great respect for the organization, she voiced her desire to continue with the sports team if any permanent positions would become available. Shortly, there was one that was posted, the one she is now working.

Besides making known her desires for advancement, Bourg had shown that same initiative throughout the year through her work ethics. With a younger sister and brother, Bourg said their parents instilled that work ethic in them. They said you have to be willing to put in the work, and it was expected, she said.

“It will be more of a managerial role with the interns. I knew the guy in this position last year and although I didn’t know I would have it now, I was aware of the things he was doing,” she said. “It was a total of eight of us, it also helped us understand the dependability in the sports industry. You have to trust them, they have to trust you. Not only hold yourself responsible but holding others accountable.”

Bourg said working with the other interns was a great experience starting with training camp, up early in the morning and working hard. She was eager to complete tasks and available when needed.

“Whatever I want to achieve, I want to achieve it and what I enjoy, I want to do all the time. This past season, even though it was a lot of work, I enjoyed doing it,” Bourg said. “I never knew what I was looking for. Being in the intern position gave me a lot of perspective.”

Bourg’s future is just beginning, but wherever the job with the Saints leads, she will be grateful for the experience and the opportunity.

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