Thanks goes to all the Kiwanis members who carved out time to assist in putting on this annual event Thursday. More than 180 children participated in the event for ages 8 to 10, 11 to 12 and teens at the Boys & Girls Club of New Iberia.

Ryan Champagne did an excellent job keeping track of the scores and posting same on the Bracket Board. The Pizza Team, led by none other than the “Pizza Man” — Kenny LeJuene, did an excellent job. Initially 50 pizzas were ordered but with all the pizza Kenny consumed, more were ordered. A total of 70 pizzas were served and none were left by the time the awards started. As for drinks and ice, Bob Derouen was in charge of the soft drinks and the “Ice Man” David Graugnard filled up the cups.

Three excellent teams of callers, judges and timers worked the three age divisions and called questions to six separate groups in each age bracket. A total of 360 questions for the entire event were called out. Several Kiwanis members worked both the pizza and drink tables as well and being either a caller, judge or timer. Those volunteers deserve an extra thanks.

First place recipients (40) were awarded $15 gift cards and second place recipients (46) received $10 gift cards. All others who participated received a “Certificate of Participation” to bring home to their parents.

Again, thanks to the Kiwanis members for volunteering their time and service to make this event successful.

Kiwanis Spotlight

Harry Anderson — Drinks & Teen Observer

Beau Beaullieau — Judge 11-12 year olds

Carroll Boudreaux* — Drinks & Teen Caller

Nicole Burke — Server & Timer 11-12 year olds

Pat Castille — Server of Drinks

Ryan Champagne — Score Keeper

Paul Delcambre — Drinks & Judge 8-10 year olds

Bob Derouen — Drinks Chair

Jim Deshotel — Drinks & Timer 8-10 year olds

Maureen Doerle — Pizza & Caller 8-10 year olds

Robert Freeman — Timer Teens

Gloria Girouard — Server

David Graugnard — Ice Man 

Charlie Jefferson — Teen Caller

Angela Langlinais — Server

Carl Lebanc — Drinks & Teen Caller

Kenny LeJuene — Pizza Man, Chair

Kenny Lloyd — Tables & Chairs

Micah Nickols — Director of B&G Club

Bill Repaske — Photographer

Devin Richard — Timer 11-12 year olds

Robert Segura — Judge 8-10 year olds

Sam Lolan — Caller 11-12 year olds

Tommy Broussard — Banners

* Kiwanis members helpers

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