DYR 6/28

Kiper’s Curve is located between Kiper’s RV Park and Darby Lane.

In New Iberia, one area that brings back memories is Kiper’s Curve, a place that was a hub for fun in the community.

Kiper’s Curve was located on highway 182 west in New Iberia, next to present-day Old Spanish Trail.

The question was first asked by Allen Duhé in the Facebook group “You might be from New Iberia if...” and the post generated a great deal of interest.

In his post, Duhé asked, “If I said ‘Kiper’s Curve,’ I wonder how many of you would know where that is.”

Apparently, many did know what Duhé was asking.

His post generated more than 40 responses, as it brought back many memories for current and former residents of the Teche Area.

Kiper’s Curve was known for its shape — hence the curve in “Kiper’s Curve,” directly located after the trailer parker of the same name — Kiper’s Mobile Home Park

“I remembered it’s located on West Main Street almost at the edge of town,” according to Kitty Courts, who wrote on the New Iberia landmark. “Kiper Curve actually is located between the Kiper’s Mobile Home Park and Darby Lane.”

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