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Lloyd Verret and his wife, Cherri. Verret has been with The Daily Iberian most of his life. After delivering the paper as a child, Verret decided to subscribe and has been with the paper for over 20 years.

Growing up and living in New Iberia for all of his life, Lloyd Verret has always been around newspapers. As a delivery boy for The Daily Iberian, Verret was surrounded by news and information.

Now an account manager for an instrumentation company, Verret, 53, continues to subscribe to The Daily Iberian, and as when he was younger, uses it to catch up on news and events happening in the Teche area.

Why did you subscribe to The Daily Iberian?

I actually used to deliver newspapers when I was a kid and that’s whenever I started going out on my own, I always had the newspaper to find out information going on locally.

What are some of your favorite parts of the paper?

I always did like the sports section, that was, for the most part, my favorite section but local news and what was going in the area.

Do you prefer the print or the digital version?

The print. I guess because that’s what I’ve always had and I have never made the change to the digital format. With computers and everything else and social media, I don’t think it is as important as it used to be but we still do get it.

What was it like delivering The Daily Iberian as a child?

It was good and it got me some responsibility as a kid and of course, you know papers are delivered differently now from what it was in the past. But yeah, it was just to teach you responsibly and get out into the world.

How long have you been with The Daily Iberian?

I am 53, so probably 20-25 years, somewhere around there.

Do you have any interesting facts?

I have lived in New Iberia my whole life and I try to see what’s good that is going in New Iberia.

What do you like most about living in New Iberia?

Well, mostly family because they are all here and just being local and I didn’t have any other way. This is where I have always lived and this is what I have always known.

How have you been keeping up with the COVID-19 news?

I have been seeing all of the numbers and everything in the newspaper.

What has been the hardest part for you during COVID-19?

Just to get used to staying home and working form here and not being able to do the things you’ve done before.

What are some things you find yourself doing more as of late?

Lots of home projects. Painting, yard work, you name it. Everything from around the house that needs to be done that you seem to put off.

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