Voting is quickly winding down for the 2018 Best of the Teche awards.  And wow have you voted!  I thought last year’s number of just under 68,000 votes was extraordinary.  As I write this on Thursday evening, you have logged 172,846 votes!  Phenomenal!  You still have through today to log your opinions voting ends tonight at midnight.

Then comes the fun part the party!  This year’s event will be at Cade Community Center on Friday, August 3rd, from 6 to 11.  I absolutely love this year’s theme; “Night Fever a Celebration of the 70’s.”  Come share delicious food with a 70’s theme (think fondue and shrimp mold and pasta primavera – all discovered in the 70’s), dance to the awesome sounds of GTO Party Band, and be amongst the first to find out who the 2018 winners are!  Tickets are available at  Just click on “Click here to purchase tickets.”  Please don’t hesitate because last year’s event was a sell-out and we have very few tickets left for this year!

When I arrived in New Iberia about a year and a half ago, I wrote several columns on change.  How change is easy for a few but very difficult for most.  How a leader can help those he serves to navigate change.  And how change is so very important for survival.  Now I find myself returning to these thoughts.  Many of you may have heard by now that Wick Communications, who owns The Daily Iberian, has purchased Acadiana LifeStyle.  While both publications will be kept strictly separate, I will have impact in the day-to-day lives of both staffs.

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So, my thoughts turn to the employees at Acadiana LifeStyle, whose worlds have been changed by this announcement.  I want to say to them, “Please trust me and know that I have your best interests and the best interests of the magazine in mind.”  But I know through experience that those words would be wasted.  

Trust cannot be requested or demanded only earned.  And earning trust takes time.  I remember a great analogy I learned many years ago.  I wish I could give its author credit, but I have no idea where it came from.  In a nutshell, it compared trust to your bank account.  As I treat people with kindness and dignity, I am making deposits in the trust account.  As I try to analyze issues from the point of view of others I am making deposits in the trust account.  As I strive to be professional at all times and to always take balanced and unbiased standpoints when confronted with conflicting views, I am making deposits in the trust account.

There will come a time when I will need to make a withdrawal out of the trust account.  I may be late for a meeting, or, even more deadly in our business, be late with a deadline.  The key is to build such a huge balance in the trust account that there is still surplus even after a withdrawal.

CHRISTINA PIERCE is publisher of The Daily Iberian.


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