For the second consecutive year, New Iberia Senior High School has been named High School of the Year by the Our Lady of Lourdes Blood Donor Center. 

Sponsored by the Beta Club, NISH has been hosting blood drives with Lourdes since 2014, and for the last two school years, they have hosted a fall and a spring blood drive. In each of those four drives, over 100 units have been collected. Collectively, it was a few shy of 500 total units.

Each year, between 15-20 percent of our blood supply is provided by high school donors. As a NISH teacher and a Beta co-sponsor, I am proud of what all of our students are able to accomplish. They are a vital part, and now an active part, in the community.

So much of the news seems to hurt our hearts and lower our spirits. May this accomplishment remind us all that there are people and events that can also fill our hearts and lift us up!

On behalf of my co-sponsor, Mrs. Peggy Villermin, and the Lourdes Blood Center and their representative, Beverly Meche, I want to thank every student, teacher, staff member, and administratior at NISH for their remarkable commitment and support.

A special thanks also to the parents and members of the community who also donated and continue to lead our youth through example.

Blood donations are vital to every community. Please consider visiting your nearest hospital or contacting a blood center to make an appointment!

Dennis Boudreaux

NISH Beta Co-sponsor



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