Is everything racist now?

The notion of racism is losing its true meaning because some people in politic and in the medias are calling any statement that they disagree with, racist.

Racism does exist, some very narrow-minded imbeciles have convinced themselves that because of their race they are superiors to other, but that is not the way most people think.

Some organizations want us to be judged “by the color of our skin rather by the content of our character”. Racism has been disappearing drastically in the past 40 years or more. People associate regardless of skin color. We have people of all skin color in politic, entertainment, businesses … holding high positions because of their talent and abilities, worldwide renowned neurosurgeon, President of United State, famous actors, law enforcement leaders, Governors, Supreme Court Justice … Interracial marriages are common, families adopt kids of all and any race … .

Kathleen Brush has been researching, traveling, and working internationally for more than thirty years, and she owns a PHD in management and International studies. In her book “Racism and anti-Racism in the World: before and after 1945” she states:

“It’s a problem the world over. Minorities and women face discrimination. What’s different in America is that for seventy-five years it has and continues to be addressed, it is decreasing and there are tangible signs everywhere. The pace of progress is faster than anywhere in the world.”

She also states:

“There are some ways that might speed up the process. First the false narratives of white as racists and America as systemically racist has to end. Progress isn’t made when problems are misdiagnosed.”

And to cite Dr. Ben Carson, internationally renowned neurosurgeon

“We live in an amazing country, I visited 68 different countries, I’ve lived overseas, and it is an amazing place with amazing opportunities and an incredible history. Critical Race Theory doesn’t emphasize those things, it emphasizes the negative.”

But there are organizations who want us to ignore those facts, because that is disturbing to their agenda and their power. In some case they use fascist tactics to silence those who question the narrative and have the audacity to want to get the facts.

There is nothing constructive or positive about maintaining a division between people. On the contrary. Obviously, there is still room for improvement, and always will be, and we need to work toward more unity and respect of everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation but this country is always learning from its mistakes and improving.

Frédéric Dardant

New Iberia

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