What goes ‘round, comes ‘round. Kammie was the VICTIM of a news media (fashion news) “editorialization”of her front page image (Vogue, current issue). It wasn’t flattering and it was not the one AGREED upon. Or was this all planned? Of course, it has been CORRECTED in the digital version only. Hey, what’s the big deal anyway? She DID pose for the picture dressed casually, HORRORS! Was the public outrage because she could be seen as PRAYING and not HUGGING herself? National poll, only way to find out for sure, charge it to the taxpayers somehow.

Hey (again), these guys aren’t even in office yet, but they are getting BLOWBACK already. Something they BOTH did last week and now THIS? Mainstream Media can’t wait a few days? Oh yeah...they’ve been trained real good these past 4 years. Stay tuned to this channel for up to the minute, live coverage of the new administration!

Richard Phillips

New Iberia

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