By now, every talking head has (over) analyzed the ‘trial’ to death, so my concluding that the DEMOCRATS won is probably old news.You can lose the BATTLE and WIN the war. The Republicans got out-foxed again; WHO enters a battle guaranteed to lose? You are supposed to retreat to fight another day, right? By SPLITTING your foe in half AFTER the (lost) come out WINNING in the long run! Punish the traitors and you just aligned them against you. But, can you convincingly welcome them back? Can we expect some 51-49, 52-48, 53-47 votes real soon? Which side will cross the aisle? Recent ‘history’ just answered who actually WON.....and won by THE SEVEN DWARFS, no less!

One ‘team’ should have just passed on playing the game. If they had done so, their SILENCE would have said ‘THIS is BOGUS...we won’t play.’ But NO, play one quarter at their level and blow the game. Real smart pals.

Me? I’m running for prez in 4 years, “RICHARD 2 PLANK” is my motto; PLANK 1., First day, fire CONGRESS...all of them...with Executive Order No. 1, PLANK 2., Prez & VP RESIGN after calling for new presidential and congressional ELECTIONS immediately…no mail ins, ID required, no early vote reporting (just a simultaneous tally at the end of the day). Sorry to spoil all the fun of Election Day. We can deal with the foreign based military vote…we’re computer wonks…we’ll figure it out. Oh yeah, Congress limited to 2 terms MAX!

I do not want ANY contributions...this is a grass roots thing…just tell 10 friends, por favor.



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