Father forgive me, I grow weary and impatient trying to do all the good I can do, often forgetting the reasons You brought me to Your sanctuary and the banqueting table of Your goodness and mercy. Each time I think I’ve learned the difference between making plans and taking control, you remind me how little control I have over circumstances in my life. Lord, You are the One that pulled me from the muck and the mire and set my feet on higher ground. You are the One that sees the beginning from the end. You are the One that sees my motives and put the desires of my heart in place. You are the One who will complete the work You have begun in me. It is Your face that I seek. In Your Word I am told “man plans his course but the Lord directs his steps.” It is Your Word that instructs us that with favor, You will establish the work of our hands. Merciful almighty God, the fields are ripe with harvest, but the laborers are few. I’m asking in Jesus name to bring forth the laborers and show us how to accomplish the impossible. For when the eyes of our hearts are open, we will see You and know Your ways. Too often, we are blinded by the lives we’ve created and that are obstructing our intentions to please you. Complexities surround us and we grow tired of micro management that demands more noise, in place of the silence needed to hear Your small and quiet voice. We hear the roar of the winds in storms called hurricanes and tornados, but let us hear the whispers of your love in the gentle breeze and the clapping of the leaves as they begin their journey toward falling — nature’s way of renewal, the winter of our days.

Let us laugh together for the beauty of the lilies, adorned in loveliness and the fragrance of jasmine. Let the kiss of summer’s end bring a kick to our steps as we anticipate the chill of winter, not yet in our sights. Let us know of your faithfulness when we are haunted by disappointment. Let us see Your hand in the strings of events that carry us through the days and weeks as we await Your arrival, for one, or the many. Let us rejoice in Your salvation for Your name’s sake and let us walk the ground that You have caused to be straight, not crooked, flat and not too hard to climb. Let us come into Your presence with singing and let our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus be overflowing with a love that cannot let us go so that we can shine the light of Your eternal flame for others to see. Let your mercy for us flow out of us unto others You have brought into our paths. Let us not judge anyone for their shortcomings, for You have already forgiven us of ours. Let my light so shine that others may see Your good work and give you honor, praise and glory — because I fall short of Your great love everyday. Thank you Father God for listening to me today, and for giving me the boldness to share my heart with others. You love us so much, let us learn to love others as you see them.

Vicky Branton is the Techelife editor at The Daily Iberian.

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