Omega is at its end in Iberia Parish.

Port of Iberia Executive Director Craig Romero confirmed that ASRC Energy Services Omega, LLC is shutting down its operation at the port, citing both the coronavirus outbreak and the continuing slowdown in the energy sector.

“They said it was a combination of things,” Romero said. “They said it was the COVID-19 issues and low prices, but that the low oil prices were the main reason.”

Omega has been working with several other manufacturers at the port on various projects. The company was most recently involved in handling the electrical end of module construction in conjunction with Dynamic Industries.

“They told their partners not to send any other proposals for bid, that they were finishing up the contracts they have and closing the operation,” Romero said.

In a letter to other manufacturers at the port, ASRC Controls Manager Joseph G. Thibodeaux said the decision came from the ASRC shareholders.

“Unfortunately, Omega will not be accepting anymore new purchase orders, bids, and/or further scope growth … Omega will, however, complete any previously made agreements to its customers,” Thibodeaux wrote.

Romero said he has been in touch with other manufacturers at the Port of Iberia to gauge their economic health and is confident that most are on solid ground for the time being.

“The big ones, Dynamic and Venture Global, they have projects that have been postponed or canceled,” he said. “But they still have work ongoing. Both of them are waiting for the Shell Driftwood project, which is on hold. And Bayou Companies is still working on that XL Pipeline coating job, so they are busy.”

Romero said that Omega has decreased its staffing in recent years. He estimated the company currently has between 50 and 100 employees at the Port of Iberia. According to the layoff warning the company filed with the state, the layoff actually affects 180 employees.

ASRC Energy Services Omega’s parent company is the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation,which has been the largest locally-owned and operated business in Alaska for more than three decades.

Dwayne Fatherree is the community editor for The Daily Iberian. He can be reached at

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