Stacey Dempsey of The Frosted Apron is continuing her mission of teaching Teche Area children about the joys of cake decorating this summer with two summer camps.

Located at 1807 E. St. Peter St., the Frosted Apron was a dream project of Dempsey’s designed to teach children about cake decorating. The business has since expanded into working with local establishments like Rip Van Winkle Gardens and other locations due to the popularity of cake decorating.

Dempsey currently has two camps running for the summer, the first of which ran this week and ends today. Dempsey said this is the third year where she’s run the summer camps. To find out about the July summer camp, call The Frosted Apron at 201-1952.

What’s this summer camp been like so far?

This summer I kind of did something a little different to spice it up because I have some kids who come to more than one camp. I like to keep it fresh and exciting for them to make sure they continue to learn new techniques for cake decorating. Within the four days they are decorating three cakes, and within one of the cakes they learn how to write on the cake and they also learned how to cut the layers of the cake and put filling inside. That’s something new that I haven’t done in the past.

What kind of decorating have you done?

I added cookie decorating for this camp. We had three cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Monday we learned how to do a cake with fancy borders, and they put filling inside. Tuesday was cupcake decorating and stuffing a cupcake with filling. They could pick bavarian or chocolate for that. Today we had a luau party, they came dressed in beach attire and they all got a lei and we did a tropical themed cake.

How many of the students have been to previous camp?

Two of them were repeats. I also have a camp in July, we’re going to do the same thing with a different theme. I have some that do the June and July camp because we do a different theme. It’s July 15 through 18 and I have kids signed up for that one that went to it last year.

Anything else to add?

The kids from day 1 to day 4, it’s amazing so see how much they improved. They come in and they’re so nervous and now there so comfortable and knowledgeable about cake decorating, it’s exciting. At the end they’re getting certificates and I’m giving an award for most improved. I’m also giving them recipes so they can take it home to try.


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