SuddenLink Internet Services gifted the New Iberia chapter of the Boys and Girls Club with 10 iPads to be used by local youth at the club.

Acadiana Boys and Girls Club vice president of development Rhyan Wheelers said the donations came after the company asked the club what was most needed for the children and staff in the area.

“We had different donations dependant on the needs of the club,” Wheeler said. “When they asked what we needed here, we told them that we really needed gadgets.”

The New Iberia Boys and Girls located, which is located off Bank Avenue, has already had a STEM room for years where participating kids can check out several different technological toys.

Club director Brianna Davis said the additional 10 iPads would be a welcome addition to what was already offered for the kids.

“I am extremely happy that we got them,” Davis said. “Right now we have limited computers so the iPads will give us technology that they may or may not have at home.”

Kids who attend the Boys and Girls Club will be able to go to the front desk to temporarily check out an iPad to be used during the day.

Wheeler said the iPads will be programmed with educational content as well as games.

“It’s really helpful to have them, and we can move stuff to other clubs,” Wheeler said.

For kids who may not want to play basketball or any of the other physical activities that are offered in the gym, Davis said the STEM room offers an alternative for kids of all ages.

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