St. Mary Parish Sheriff Blaise Smith was sworn in Wednesday for his full elected term in office. 

Smith took the oath of office surrounded by SMPSO deputies and employees, as well as friends and family. Tony Saleme administered the oath of office at the St. Mary Parish Courthouse in Franklin. 

Smith first became elected sheriff when he defeated Scott Anslum in a runoff in December of 2018. He won another bid in the 2019 election, defeating opponents Todd Pellerin and Frank “Boo” Grizzafi. 

At the event, Smith said his tenure as interim sheriff has included upgrades ot the St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center, increased units for patrol, expansion of the K-9 program and establishment of the criminal exchange program with nearby agencies. 

“We want to continue on the path we are on because we have had such a good response from the public,” Smith said in a prepared statement. “The most important thing is to talk to people in the community.”


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