Sky is limit for Cajuns athletics, recent RCAF Board appointee Eric Haik says

New Iberia native and local lawyer Eric T. Haik, a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, was recently appointed to the Ragin’ Cajuns Athletic Foundation Board of Directors.

New Iberia native and local attorney Eric Haik has recently been appointed to serve on the Ragin Cajuns Athletic Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Since 2009, the RCAF has been providing financial support for student-athletes across UL Lafayette’s 16 sports. Under the RCAF umbrella, students are able to invest and enrich lives through many avenues, according to the RCAF website.

A graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette himself, Haik said he is excited about working with the board and supporting the many great athletic programs that are part of the UL system.

What’s been your relationship with the RCAF previously? What made you want to get involved?

I really didn’t have a relationship with RCAF prior to my appointment other than knowing a couple of people on the board. Since my days at UL, I have always held my alma mater in high regard and have always been thankful for the foundation it laid for me both academically and in my social circle, especially as I evolved into the business world. Having a localized network that I established at UL has been invaluable. Generally speaking, I have a passion for athletics, (especially) UL athletics, so seeking a spot on this board seemed like a natural fit for me.

How do you feel about the appointment?

I am super excited about my appointment to the Board and am anxious to help in any way possible. I truly believe that the sky is the limit for UL athletics and although we know we have to win back some of our alumni and fan base, now is the time to invest and help us achieve our athletic goals for all sports. The idea of furthering that cause gets me excited to help!

What are you excited about in terms of where Ragin’ Cajun Athletics is headed?

In the Acadiana region, Iberia Parish has the second largest alumni base outside of Lafayette parish, so this gets me excited. We need our alumni to join RCAF, even at the minimum membership entry level of just $50. RCAF was founded in 2009 and we currently have just under 2500 RCAF members. Total raised for 2018-2019 was just under $7 million. We want to increase our membership and annual dollars raised so we can compete with the top programs in the country.

What are you excited about in terms of where Ragin’ Cajun Athletics is headed?

The thing I am most excited about in regards to UL Athletics is the leadership that I see in place from top to bottom. To be frank, our current athletic director, Dr. Bryan Maggard, is a stud and his coaching hires have been outstanding. Our football coach, Billy Napier, is building a winning program and a culture that our alumni should be excited about. He is only in year 2 but get ready because he will take our program to places it’s never been before. We know winning will bring back our fanbase and Coach Napier is a winner. Not to mention he has recently signed about four New Iberia high school boys who are now playing for his program, which is pretty unprecedented. Lastly, anyone can easily join RCAF by simply clicking on or they can call me with any questions or concerns. Geaux Cajuns!

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