The Iberia Parish School Board received an update about just what the school district’s administration is planning in light of the recent coronavirus developments.

The district announced last Friday that school would be closed in all of Iberia Parish until late April, and Assistant Superintendent Heath Hulin said it puts the district at a major disadvantage.

One of the options some districts are implementing is distance education, which effectively means students will be taught the regular curriculum away from the classroom. However, Hulin said the school district decided not to go that route for Iberia schools.

“As a public system we do not feel it is prudent to go with distance education because we have to make sure we have equitable access to our curriculum for all students,” Hulin said “To do distance education would mean everybody would have to have access to what we put out at home with a computer.”

Instead, the school district has decided to make resources available for parents to continue educating their children at home.

“The curriculum department has put together an excellent wealth of resources that we will be sending out tomorrow through our website,” Hulin said. “It has instructional internet activities for each subject area and for special education students to do, facilitated by the parent at home. I think it will be a very useful resource for parents.”

Hulin added that the administration has been in communication with principals across the parish since the closure was announced, which included one live meeting and two meetings held online to keep administrators abreast of the situation.

The school district has also been communicating with parents through a robo-text application providing updates.

“We know this will not replace the month of education, we know that we are going to have to adjust our scope and sequence when we come back next year,” Hulin said. “I’m thinking the whole month of August will be spent teaching what should have been taught in April and May and we won’t be able to start next year’s stuff until september. We have to catch these students up before we throw them into the next grade.”

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