Qualifying set this week for city marshal, Ward 2 Justice of the Peace

Qualifying for the Oct. 9 election begins Wednesday and lasts until Friday in New Iberia.

Two ballot items will be voted on by city residents in October, including the election of a new city marshal for New Iberia following the resignation of Tony Migues in April.

The election will be the third time in three years that New Iberia voters are asked to place their pick for a new city marshal, and will hopefully stabilize the position following the death of longtime Marshal Vic Delcambre in December of 2018.

Migues defeated several opponents in 2019 to fill the rest of Delcambre’s term, and won again against a handful of candidates in 2020 to start a new term.

However, only a few months after Migues’ appointment to the position he was arrested in February by State Police troopers on charges of malfeasance for allegedly falsifying subpoena signatures.

In April, Migues officially turned in his resignation as marshal, allowing candidates to once again vie for the position.

Several familiar faces in local law enforcement have already announced their candidacy for the October election.

Brett Lang, who qualified for the previous two elections, announced that he would once again be running for the position. Lang has several years of experience at the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office, City Marshal’s Office and other regional law enforcement entities.

Corey Porter, a former New Iberia police captain who also ran for city marshal in previous elections, announced several weeks ago that he would be running in the October election as well.

Several new candidates have emerged as well. Joe LeBlanc, a former Iberia Parish Sheriff’s deputy and local businessman has announced that he will be running for the city marshal position. LeBlanc ran for Iberia Parish sheriff in the past two elections.

Also announcing his candidacy was Dickie Fremin, who served for decades in the previous incarnation of the New Iberia Police Department as well as for 16 years in the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Also on the ballot is an election for Justice of the Peace for Ward 2 in Iberia Parish.

To qualify for an election, head to the Iberia Parish Courthouse between the allotted hours of the qualifying dates.

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