Qualifying for office runs through Thursday

After months of prelude, the fall political season gets underway today as the three-day qualifying period for the Oct. 12 election opens.

In addition to the gubernatorial race, several statewide offices will be on the ballot, as well as parish offices across the Teche Area.

Because Louisiana does not allow write-in votes, all candidates must file to qualify for office. Qualification involves filling out a form and paying the fee appropriate to the office being sought. Candidates must certify that they are a registered voter in the district they are running for office, that they are not under a felony conviction, that they have filed their taxes for the previous five years, acknowledge that they are subject to campaign finance laws, and that they are not in violation of the Code of Governmental Ethics.

Some candidates can file a petition of voters rather than paying the fee.

Candidates may be challenged if they are not qualified to run for the office. They also may be criminally charged for executing an affidavit knowing it to contain false or incorrect information for filing a misleading or false qualification form.

Qualifying will be open this morning and will continue through Thursday afternoon at 4:30 p.m.

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