JEANERETTE — Mayor Carol Bourgeois and the Jeanerette Board of Aldermen’s first lengthy meeting took place Monday with a crowd that packed Jeanerette Town Hall to the brim with local residents waiting for the meeting to start.

Besides a new seat next to the mayor for City Attorney Roger Hamilton, there were no surprises at the meeting as the mayor and board went through several housekeeping items and recognition for local residents and officials.

Bourgeois, who was sworn in as Jeanerette’s mayor in July, took the opportunity to address the almost 100 people in attendance about the future of Jeanerette at the beginning of the meeting.

In particular, Bourgeois spoke about the city’s fiscal administration that has been ongoing since 2018, when David Greer was appointed by the state of Louisiana to oversee Jeanerette finances following the town’s failure to produce an audit three years in a row.

Bourgeois reassured local residents that the town was cleaning up its financial problems, and Greer’s work in Jeanerette has actually been a “blessing.”

“I feel blessed that we have the expertise of an individual that’s come to our aid to help get things correct,” Bourgeois said. “We are a political subdivision of the state, and there are certain rules of engagement, rules you have to follow if you’re going to exist as a city.”

Bourgeois said he has been meeting with Greer since before his election and the two have formed a professional relationship for the betterment of the town.

“I’m happy to say, prior to winning the election I began to meet with Mr. Greer, the relationship has been very cordial, very professional, even if we might not agree on an item we still come to an agreement,” Bourgeois said.

“I just want everyone to be comfortable with the fact that this is probably the best thing that could have happened for Jeanerette. Understand that is not the end for Jeanerette, if anything it’s a new beginning.”

In other business, Bourgeois and the Board of Aldermen recognized Mary Decuir Dennis, a Jeanerette centenarian who is 105 years old. Her family received a resolution for Jeanerette, as well as a state certificate given by Alderman Clarence Clark.

The board also recognized town employees and local residents who made a positive impact during Hurricane Barry.

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