Organizers pleased with progress of Teche Ridge development

The Teche Ridge development project has sold all the houses that have ben built so far, and more homes are on the way soon, according to project organizers.

Organizers of the Teche Ridge development in Iberia Parish say the project is moving forward, with more houses soon on the way.

Hilda Curry of the Southern Mutual Help Association said at a November New Iberia City Council meeting that all of the homes currently built have been sold.

“Theresa LaCour is our residential realtor. She’s done a tremendous job,” Curry said.

Originally SMHA contracted the job of constructing homes and building them to sell. Curry said that Clinton Shepard with Latter & Blum Realty has been tapped to promote the commercial side of Teche Ridge.

“The vision of Teche Ridge and any traditional neighborhood development is to create a community where everyone has their everyday needs met within a five-minute walking time,” Shepherd said. “You walk out in the mornings, stop in the local coffee shop, head to a grocery store and then in the evenings there may be a concert going on.”

Teche Ridge is the only traditional neighborhood development in Iberia Parish, and organizers are hoping to fill a 98-acre project. Some of the goals are for Teche Ridge include landing a senior living development at Teche Ridge, as well as constructing multi-family apartments.

Part of the appeal of Teche Ridge is to provide mixed use of buildings that can appeal to a wide demographic.

“The richness of New Urbanism, also known as a Neo-Traditional Community, is that because you have mixed use of buildings — residential commercial, retail, civic, religious, private — people can live and work in place within a five minute walking distance,” land planner Steve Oubre said in a prepared statement released Monday.

“It allows for young people, retired people, and all segments of the economic ladder to live, work, raise children and retire in place. The average citizen has their daily needs met within a five-minute walk. The neighborhood is designed around environmental sensitivity with open land, green spaces, recreation, with an assemblage of building styles and sizes — a cross section of society can live within that community.”

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