The New Iberia Recreation Department’s “Great Portraits or Scenes: A Youth Art Festival” provides local students in Iberia Parish a chance to flex their artistic muscles while also celebrating Black History Month. 

Krystal Boyance with the New Iberia Recreation Department said the event is in part an attempt to get youth back in the Iberia Parish library system as well as take part in educational activities. 

“Great Portraits or Scenes: A Youth Art Festival” was established in 1997 by the New Iberia Parks and Recreation Department and Judge Charles Porter as a way to get young people in local libraries and read. Children participating read about famous African-Americans throughout history and draw a portrait or scene that inspire them, with the winner getting a prize and t-shirt. 

Awards for this year’s entries will be announced on Feb. 18. 

What is the youth art festival?

“Great Portraits or Scenes in African American History: A Youth Art Festival” is an art contest for students grades K-12. Students are encouraged to visit their local library to find a book or magazine and draw a portrait or scenet hat inspires them while celebrating Black History Month. 

How was this year's crop of entries?

We collected 127 entries this year.

What do kids participating learn from the event?

The encouragement is to get students back in to the library and discover a wealth of information about black history. Also, they have the opportunity to express their artistic abilities. 


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