NI City Council to vote on repair of Lewis Street at Admiral Doyle

The New Iberia City Council is scheduled to vote on a budget amendment to repair Lewis Street from Admiral Doyle Drive to the south city limits at its regular meeting Tuesday.

Berard, Habetz and Associates will serve as the engineering firm on the project, which is budgeted for about $65,000. The project will include the demolition and replacement of the existing asphalt roadway with Superior Performing Asphalt Pavements, or Superpave.

The project is being funded through the city’s district master plan, under which council members were allocated funds to spend on specific projects. Councilman David Broussard and Mayor Pro Tem Ricky Gonsoulin both agreed to use $15,000 of the $100,000 each was allocated toward renovating the portion of road. The rest of the funding for the project will come from the general fund.

“It’s a bad area,” Broussard said Friday. “People are complaining about it and we’ve got to do something.”

Mayor Freddie DeCourt said the resurfacing project would extend to approximately a block and a half south from Admiral Doyle, where S. Lewis passes between the new Rouses development and the Checkers franchise.

DeCourt said the project is a precursor to a much larger road project expected to come later this year. The council is in the process of preparing for a road bond to renovate some of the worst roads in New Iberia.

In other business, the council will also be voting to designate a portion of DeLassalle Drive near Catholic High School as a one-way roadway.

DeCourt said the designation comes after several traffic concerns and accidents on the road, which runs alongside CHS.

“Hundreds of kids drive there, and there’s quite a few accidents,” DeCourt said.

The council will also be voting to approve an extension of the cooperative endeavor agreement between the city and New Iberia Museum Foundation. The agreement will renew the lease for the museum properties on Main Street for a term of 10 years, according to the agenda.

The meeting takes place at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at New Iberia City Hall.

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