New Iberia Spanish Festival postponed from April to August

New Iberia’s Spanish Festival, which was scheduled for April, has been posponed until August.

El Festival Español de Nueva Iberia, or the New Iberia Spanish Festival, is a unique three-day event that celebrates New Iberia’s Spanish heritage during the founding of the city as well as the local residents who can trace their lineage back to Spanish ancestry.

The date of the festival will now be Aug. 28-30, according to Chairman Ebrar Reaux.

The festival includes Spanish music, workshops that trace local genealogies and even paella and tapa cookoffs.

The festival caters to the Romeros, Seguras and Lopezes of the city, among others, who have a strong and proud lineage in New Iberia that dates all the way back to the founding days.

A “Running of the Bulls” 5K fun run annually takes place during the festival, where runners dressed as bulls participate alongside other early morning event-goers, and a walking parade with live music is also part of the fun.

The festival has helped to strengthen ties with New Iberia’s city sister in Spain, Alhaurín de la Torre, and Spanish dignitaries regularly make the trip to New Iberia to be a part of the event.

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