New Iberia city government comes into extra money, will pursue several projects

New Iberia Mayor Freddie DeCourt speaks about recent money received from the LWCC and various projects that will be conducted as a result.

Mayor Freddie DeCourt announced that city government had recently come into an extra bit of money at Tuesday’s council meeting, and is currently planning several projects as a result.

“We received a check from LWCC and it’s not a normal check,” DeCourt said. “This had nothing to do with our rebate, it’s a one time mid-year dividend, as a nonprofit they have to give some money back.

“Thinking of that I have a list, these are the things I want for us as a council to look at.”

The sum of money received totaled $423,833. DeCourt said he hopes to spend $100,000 to continue recent momentum in taking down blighted and unsafe properties in New Iberia.

“This would allow us to probably do 25 houses,” DeCourt said. “We’ve never been that ambitious.”

Another $100,000 would go toward grant matches. DeCourt said that money would sit in the general fund and when the opportunity for a grant came up, would be used for the typical 20 percent match that most state grants provides.

About $40,000 would go to the New Iberia Police Department and New Iberia Fire Department, and an additional $18,000 would go toward vehicles for various departments.

There would also be $60,000 that would go toward the creation of Master Plans for each district in New Iberia.

“I think this money will be well spent so we can come up with new grant and capital outlay projects,” DeCourt said. “We had a good vision for downtown for tourism, we’ve been very successful with new businesses and this will help. It will work as a marketing tool and will help with grants.”

Smaller projects would include $5,000 to place blown up pictures in vacant commercial buildings in the West End and downtown for decorative purposes. Some of the funds will also go toward video marketing for the city as well as signage that DeCourt said will help build the city’s brand.

Finally, DeCourt said that he would spend some money in conjunction with Iberia Parish Government as a donation for the Louisiana PepperPlex, which has recently asked for assistance.

The money will soon be budgeted in one of the next few City Council meetings, but the council seemed largely receptive to the plan for the money.

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