Aggreko will be one of the first businesses in the Teche Area to receive a high speed fiber optic Internet connection.

Cox Communications, the Iberia Industrial Development Foundation, local civic group Bourgeois 2030 and Aggreko worked together to make the deal a reality.

“This is a really good thing for the parish and means good things for the airport,” said IDF CEO and executive director Mike Tarantino.

Tarantino said fiber to businesses could create a new selling point to bring more business to the area.

Dexter Bergeron, IT professional with Aggreko, said the company has high speed Internet through BellSouth’s T-1 lines already but wanted to include fiber so it can have more than one line to fall back on.

Called redundancy, if one line fails there is another to pick up where the other might be lost because of an accident.

Bourgeois 2030 founding member Beau Beaullieu said his organization helped by getting Cox Communications and Aggreko talking.

Beaullieu said the organization had noticed the parish has various resources, consisting of Acadiana Regional Airport and the Port of Iberia, among others. The resources remained untapped in some ways, including Internet access versatility, he said.

He knew some staff members at Cox Communications and asked them to see if there was profit potential in the parish. Bourgeois handed the situation to IDF and Aggreko was contacted.

The two met, a match was made and Aggreko will soon be one of the first companies in the parish to have fiber optic lines.

Beaullieu said the fiber line fits in with his organization’s mission, which is to promote innovations and growth that will help the parish expand. In 20 or 30 years, fiber will still be there and the parish will be ahead of the game.

“It could be a huge deal for Iberia Parish,” Beaullieu said.

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