After five months of dating, Braylon Alexander decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Destinee Menard in a way that the whole city of New Iberia would notice.

Rather than a standard proposal, Alexander decided to change the sign at the Sliman Theater Friday, with the words “Will You Marry Me Destinee?”

Around noon, Alexander was stationed under the Sliman marquee, where Menard was scheduled to meet up with him. Family, friends and a bouquet of flowers were all on-hand as Alexander nervously paced around during the wait.

“I was really nervous, very much so,” he said with a laugh. “But my heart told me she would say yes. She’s my soulmate.”

Menard parked farther down Main Street, and slowly made her way to the Sliman, meeting with Alexander, where they exchanged a kiss and she smiled at the flowers he had for her.

When Menard realized two photographers were taking pictures, a confused expression swept over her face, followed by tearful joy as she realized what was going on.

Alexander got on bended knee, and with some heartfelt words popped the question. Menard tearfully said yes and the two had a warm embrace.

“I just wanted something that would be special. She’s really special to me and I wanted New Iberia to know how much,” Alexander said.

Menard, still wiping tears from her eyes, said she had no idea what she was walking into when she met up with Alexander.

“No, (I wasn’t expecting it),” she said.

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