For most of her life, Casey Luzier, owner of Cutie Patootie, located on the corner of Spencer Street and Louisiana Drive, has always had a love for animals.

Though she bought the company five years ago from the previous owner of the Dogg Bag, Luzier spent the last 20 years grooming dogs off and on. Her love for giving back to them has always been a part of her life.

Grooming is a vital part in the well-being and healthiness of a dog, which can improve its quality of life. How much grooming a dog needs depends on its breed, age, and health. Regular grooming helps to ensure the dog is healthy and comfortable.

Each dog, according to Luzier, is treated to a day they will never forget.

From grooming, to haircuts, to also bathing them, Luzier does it all. She even donates free grooms to rescue dogs, as a way of helping them get a leg up on life.

Services range from $30-40 for each dog and can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Luzier’s Cutie Patootie is a staple in dog care for New Iberia.

What is it about working at Cutie Patootie that you enjoy most?

I worked a few different jobs here and there by whole life but I have always gravitated towards animals. I just love animals. And with this job, I can help them, and I love that.

Does your business just specialize in just dogs?

Unfortunately it’s just dogs because when I worked for the veterinary offices grooming I groomed cats and it’s not easy, especially when you’re by yourself, so it’s just dogs.

Do you own cats?

I own three cats. My husband rescued them and that was like two years ago and they’re my babies now. I love taking care of them.

Any other pets?

I have a beagle, a little Yorkie that was a rescue and two turtles. I love them all.

Anything you want people to know about your business?

I enjoy helping out the community and giving back to them. It means a great deal to help them and their pets out. I usually donate grooms to the rescue because when they get them they are always matted and usually do them for free.

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