LOREAUVILLE — You wouldn’t know school had already started by the kids running around Loreauville Park Saturday afternoon.

Some were lined up to take advantage of the two big water slides set up on one side of the park. Others, still dripping from their time in the water, were queued up for cotton candy and face painting under the park’s oaks. In between, a canopy gave the chefs preparing big trays of jambalaya a little respite from the sun as neighbors chatted or sat back, enjoying the sounds of laughter and shrieks as children splashed and played.

“It’s all about giving back,” said Loreauville Mayor Brad Clifton, explaining the latest new event from the Loreauville Community Project. “All of the fun jumps and cotton candy, the face painting are all donated. The movie screen and the projector for the movie too.”

The End of Summer Bash is the bookend to the village’s end of school popsicle social at the beginning of the summer. As with other events throughout the year, any costs are covered through donations to the Loreauville Community Project or through proceeds from the group’s fundraisers.

At the center of the park one of the project’s goals is already in place. A big piece of playground equipment, complete with three separate slides and multiple ladders and swings for climbing or just hanging around on was installed last week using funds from the project’s fundraising efforts.

“That’s just the beginning,” Clifton said. “It is designed so we can add other pieces to it. We’re not finished yet.”

The LCP effort kicked off in December, with the first “Christmas in the Village” celebration. As with other events that have grown out of the grass-roots effort, Clifton said he would like to see these all become annual events.

On Saturday, though, the kids didn’t care about fundraising. They were too busy enjoying pink and blue cotton candy balls the size of their heads as they ran from one water slide to the other.

According to Clifton, about 300 residents showed up to enjoy the day at the park. To cap it off, everyone gathered around the giant screen to watch the movie “Aladdin.”

“We took a vote online, and it was a tie between ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Finding Nemo,’” Clifton said.

“The deciding vote was for ‘Aladdin’”

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