Lewis asks public not to seek retribution

Garon Lewis

Iberia Parish School Board member Raymond “Shoe-Do” Lewis and his family are still grappling with the death of Lewis’ son, Garon, last summer in a senseless killing on Audrey Street in New Iberia.

Adding to the pain of that loss, though, is the fear and pain Lewis said comes from people who talk of taking retribution against the suspects, or in some cases the families of suspects, in his son’s murder.

“We do not want retaliation against no one, no suspect’s family or children, none of the arrested’s family or children,” Lewis said Saturday afternoon. “I believe in the law, that is what Garon was taught and that is how he believed.”

Although the last of the seven suspects in Garon Lewis’ death was arrested in late October, the issue of retribution raised its ugly head again after a local television station ran a story this week on the arrests.

“At this time, it’s like it opened a fresh wound,” Lewis said. “It has touched a whole new vein of people. I’ve had high school students who have to know Garon wouldn’t want that come up to me. I told them, ‘I can’t allow the things you are talking about.’ I don’t, he wouldn’t, his sisters wouldn’t condone that. It opened a cut up again that was healing.”

Iberia Parish 911 dispatchers were called around 9:30 p.m. on Aug. 16 after receiving a report of gunfire near Rene and Audrey streets in the Dodge City subdivision. When police arrived, Garon Lewis was found shot in a car at that location. Raymond Lewis said Saturday he and his wife left town for a bit to get away from the recent, constant reminders of their son’s death.

“I got stopped when I would go to the store,” Lewis said. “I tried to sneak in the store, but people were recognizing me. Got to be quite disturbing now for the public. Seven people arrested for the death of such a good child, it rocks all understanding for anyone with children.”

Lewis said he and his wife may have to leave again, if for nothing else than to get time to heal.

“My cup is full,” he said. “We have no time to grieve. My wife and four other children, their hearts are hurting, hurting, hurting.”

Lewis had one message for the classmates of Garon in the New Iberia Senior High School Class of 2020.

“Let justice take place,” he said. “We are going to see justice in this.”

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