IPAL to hold auditions for season’s first play

Auditions for IPAL’s first production of the 2019-2020 season, “The Silver Whistle,” will be held June 23 at 1 p.m. and June 24 at 6 p.m. at the Essanee Theater on Iberia Street.

“The Silver Whistle” follows the story of Wilfred Tasbinder, a romantically minded tramp who finds a birth certificate for a 77-year-old man and decides to impersonate him in a home for the aged. Even as he uses his position in the home to plunder for his own benefit, he also brings a new sense of life and hope to many of the residents and those who run the facility before being found out for the scoundrel he is.

The characters being cast include:

Mr. BeeBe (age 65+): gentle, old, white-haired, bird-like, eager for something in his life.

Mrs. Hanmer (age 65+): weepish-looking, old war-horse with a shrill, rasping voice.

Miss Hoadley (age 60+): an alcoholic with a hearing aid, agreeable.

Miss Tripp (age 30-40): The superintendent of the home, prim and proper, looking to be truly loved.

Reverend Watson (age 35-45): stiff, a penny-pincher, is in charge of the home and dating Miss Tripp.

Mrs. Sampler (age 65+): feminine, romantic, a flirt, wears a lot of makeup, hints often about sex.

Mrs. Gross: (age 60+) wheelchair bound, believes most everything is a sin, very unagreeable.

Mr. Cherry (age 60+): a very serious stamp collector, yearned to travel.

Oliver Erwenter (age 35-45): an attractive con-man looking to convince everyone that he is actually 77, irresponsible, a story teller.

Emmett (age 45-55): a tramp, wears old tattered clothes, Erwenter’s sidekick.

There are also several smaller roles available. For more information, contact Hollie Guidry at 519-5169 or hollieguidry97@yahoo.com.


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