The World Championship Gumbo Cookoff will kick off Oct. 9 with Iberia On Tap’s annual 5K Roux Run starting on Main Street.

Iberia On Tap President Wess Robison said runners start at 8 a.m. and organizers are expecting nice weather on a beautiful route through downtown New Iberia.

“You can walk, you can run, we appreciate anyone who comes out to support it,” Robison said.

The route starts on Main Street and spans Country Club Drive, West Lawrence Street, Everette Street and Marie Street, finally wrapping up in New Iberia City Park before runners make their way back to the point where they started from.

Snacks will be served for those who finish the route, Robison said.

To register for the run, go to Limited 2021 Roux Run t-shirts are limited, so registering earlier is preferable.

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