Iberia Film Festival organizers look for event to be bigger and better in second year

Mark Boyancé, at left with camera, said this year’s Iberia Film Festival on Aug. 1-3 promises to be bigger than the inaugural event in 2018.

With a successful inaugural event that occurred last year, organizers of the Iberia Film Festival are hoping to make the second annual festival bigger and better.

Organizer Mark Boyancé said submissions for the festival already have surpassed last year’s festival, and a panel of judges has started reviewing the submissions. The festival is the Teche Area’s only film festival and sees submissions from around the country.

Besides showcasing the best independent short films, the Iberia Film Festival also spotlights local films. South Louisiana filmmakers will have an opportunity to have their film shown on the big screen with family and friends in the audience.

The festival runs from Aug. 1-3 in downtown New Iberia.

How did the festival get started?

I used to enter film festivals a long time ago and always wanted to do one in New Iberia, it’s a good feeling to watch a movie you made on the screen. Two years ago I went to the Essanee and said this would be the perfect place to do something, I talked to Jason (Bayard) and we got with IPAL.

How did the inaugural event go last year?

The first year was awesome. We had over 300 people the day of the festival. They came and went and that was awesome. We had a lot of submissions and the same thing is happening this year. We actually have more than last year right now.

Where are the submissions coming from?

They’re coming from all over. We’re getting submissions from New Iberia, Lafayette, New Orleans, New York, Iowa; we had some international submissions from France and one from Mexico. We have about 20 local submissions from Acadiana people. There are a lot of students.

What additions are you excited about?

We’ve added a third day to the festival. The first day is our opening reception which will have a documentary. We added another day that’s going to be a screening of a movie called “Gumbo” filmed by a lady out of Houston who interviewed people from the Gumbo Cookoff a few years ago. There are three people she interviewed and they are going to serve gumbo after the movie. After we watch the movie we’ll have a little panel talk as well.

This year we also added a category called Mobile Media where they can submit movies they did on their phones. We have a couple of those that were submitted.


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