JEANERETTE — A law firm offered its services to clean up adjudicated property in Jeanerette during Monday evening’s Board of Aldermen meeting.

New Iberia lawyer David Groner and Lafayette lawyer RJ Fonseca addressed the board and Mayor Carol Bourgeois Jr. about possibly taking on the town’s burden of unblighted property and streamlining the legal process so the properties will be more sellable.

Groner said the group had identified about 10 pieces of adjudicated property that they were willing to take on to assist Jeanerette in getting organized and making easier to sell the properties down the road.

“We’d like to start with these and help get organized for you to sell them and divest yourself of them,” Groner said.

Fonseca said the problem of blighted and adjudicated properties is one that happening in municipalities all over Louisiana, and mainly has to do with state legislation not making it easy to obtain a clear title on the property, or a title that can be insured.

“For some homeowners in the neighborhood looking to take over a piece of blighted property, it’s not going to happen,” Fonseca said. “It’s shackled with burdens.”

The two said, however, that if a political subdivision declared that they fully owned the property, it could allow for those properties to become fully sellable.

“What it does is it stimulates the ability to have the title clear,” Fonseca said. “That’s what burdened so much of this process in the state and we’re trying to address it.”

Groner said the attorneys will be working with legal counsel Roger Hamilton to come up with a presentation that they will give to the board and mayor later on.

In other business, fiscal administrator David Greer made a brief address to the board.

“We’ve been working on various fiscal and operational issues, they’re moving along well,” Greer said. “I’m pleased with the progress we made and we’re going to be successful going forward.

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