Gulotta one of three finalists for ‘Chicago’ role on Broadway

New Iberia native Kate Gulotta was a finalist for the role of Roxie Hart for the Broadway production of ‘Chicago.’ Producers announced Friday another finalist had won the role.

After a months long process that was filmed for Broadway lovers all over the world to see, New Iberia native and resident Kate Gulotta finished in the top three in a search to find the next Roxie Hart for the Broadway production of “Chicago.”

Gulotta was chosen after producers solicited a nationwide call following the opening of the part of Roxie Hart in “Chicago,” widely known as the longest running Broadway show in existence. Gulotta submitted an audition and received notice last fall that she was in the top 10 to receive the part.

Gulotta’s nomination came after fierce local support from people in the Teche Area and Acadiana voting for Gulotta during the process. Gulotta is a well-recognized name in the theater community, and a member of the board of directors for the Iberia Performing Arts League.

Eventually, Gulotta’s chances got better as she was chosen to be in the top three nominees for the part of Roxie, along with Emma Pittman and Khalifah White.

The three finalists went through Roxie boot camp in New York City where they received advice from producers and members of the cast and crew of “Chicago.” The process was also filmed on Youtube, under the Youtube channel “”

The announcement of the winner of the competition came Friday, after a video showing Gulotta and the two other finalists dancing, singing and monologuing one last time for their chance to be apart of the hit musical.

After some deliberation, the judges chose Pittman to take over as Broadway’s next Roxie.

Gulotta said following the announcement that she was overjoyed for Pittman and thankful to be a part of the process at all.

“To everyone who has shown me love and support … you have truly left me speechless! Whether you’re a friend or family member who has been with me since day one, or if I gained your support during the search, all I can say is thank you,” Gulotta said via social media. “You all have blown my mind with your votes, shares, words of encouragement, literal and virtual hugs, etc! From the bottom of my heart, I need you all to know how much I truly appreciate you.

“I couldn’t have had the success that I did in this process without you all, and just please know that you guys and this process have lifted me up and given me confidence and a drive that I didn’t possess before. I promise you guys, this is only the beginning for me, so stay tuned!”

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