After graduating with a degree in business from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2008, Fabiola Sabogal wanted to find a way to be her own boss.

While working at the university’s horticulture center, Sabogal, a native of Venezuela, decided that she wanted to open up her own landscaping business, a job she fell in love with while working at the horticulture center.

When she wasn’t designing and creating landscapes for various jobs, Sabogal also loved playing music. Just after she graduated, Sabogal opened up Flower Girls Gardening with a few bandmates from her all-female band. Flower Girls Gardening’s slogan is “It’s Time For A Makeover.”

“We decided to go for it, and now we’re still doing it,” Sabogal said.

In going from a business degree with a passion for music to starting a landscape business, Sabogal liked the idea of having the freedom to work when she was able to.

“I started the landscaping business to manage my own time,” Sabogal said. “It was either, ‘Ok, I get an office job or I start my own business.’

Flower Girls Gardening now has five employees, including a few guys who help when they are needed. Located in Lafayette, Sabogal’s Flower Girls Gardening focuses on bringing their clients’ visions to life and providing them the best creative experience they can get at a reasonable price.

The company provides services from Broussard, to Lafayette, Youngsville and New Iberia and all the way to Baton Rouge.

“I feel that landscapers here in Louisiana charge way too much and there needs to be more creativity and be more fair (effort) in meeting the customer’s needs,” Sabogal said. “My idea of Flower Girls Gardening was to work with customers. It feels like friends. It feels like just hanging out.”

From flower beds to hardscape and more recently water features like small ponds, Sabogal and Flower Girls Gardening have worked in urban gardening for residential homes.

“Instead of planting a container garden, we plant a wheelbarrow or the roof or walls of your house,” Sabogal siad.

Sabogal said she meets with her clients multiple times because she wants to help bring their visions to life. Through drawing out plans and going over them with the client, Sabogal works to ensure that the client is satisfied with the end result.

The company’s main focus is to go above and beyond what’s expected. Sabogal said she has enjoyed working in the Teche Area since starting of her businesses.

“It’s been great,” Sabogal said. “The people are so nice and friendly. They are always appreciative of us and it’s been really good.”

Sabogal said her passion for landscape and creativity runs in the family. The daughter of an architect, Sabogal said she grew up watching her dad work, and his passion was passed on to her.

“I grew up seeing him design houses and gardens and I just really liked the idea of being creative,” Sabogal said.

That creative side has played into her love and passion for her work. Sabogal has enjoyed revamping gardens and creating something out of nothing. And surprising her clients with the before and after is her favorite part of her job — and the one thing that never gets old for her.

“What I enjoy most is making people happy,” Sabogal said.

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